Thursday, March 20, 2008

plastika fantastika

لا يصلح العطار ما افسده الزمن

oh but a plastic surgeon can!

how open r u to the idea of plastic surgery?

personally i am all for it! but then im a woman! lol, no seriously i accept it completley only if its reconstructive.. a face lift when u age, a tummy tuck when u lost a lot of weight, a broken nose being fixed, thats all fine by me.. in fact i think it helps lift the spirits more than anything anyone can say to un-depress a person.. but changing one's looks just for the mere thought that they wud look better than the way God Almighty created them is a definite no!


Hani Obaid said...

Anything that would make people feel happier about themselves can't be that bad as long as they genuinely can afford it.

No spending the kid's college money on a new nose :D

Marvin the Martian said...

As an alien, I required at least 16 plastic surgeries to pass for human on this planet. I've had at least 23 general anaesthesias (I've lost track, actually). Plastic surgery is necessary for some people. But to do it just to be "pretty" I think shows some degree of spiritual shallowness on the part of the recipient.

asoom said...

I'm ok with it, I think of it as a correcting something. My mom lots 60 pounds after she had my brother and it was necessary for her to get tummy tucks. I don't think of it as looking better than the way that God made you since she was the one that put on all that weight in the first place.

Maioush said...

Hmmm, I don’t know, I guess I am open for it, I hate the idea of going under the knife though, but here is thing, BUT as long as I’m doing for ME, I mean I’m the one who should feel comfortable about my look first right?? And I don’t mean that I have to be perfect, cuz no one is but if there is something REALLY needs to be fixed, then that’s fine :)

Prudence said...

I am all for it too, even if it's only for aesthetic reasons. People are entitled to look the best they can and if they can afford it then why not?

Plastic surgeons, however, should have a code of ethics to guide them!! When I see someone like the "cat woman" or Michael Jackson on tv i wonder what kind of "doctor" would agree to do that :O

Single and Fabulous said...

i'm with plastic surgery if they're fixing something wrong or enhancing a look, but reasonably of course. I'm an addict to Dr. 90210 and i'm tellin' ya, watching this show made me realize how good plastic surgery can be and how it changes people's lives to the better when done right !