Friday, March 28, 2008


due to the office being the sorry mess it is, and blogger being blocked, i have decided to ditch old blogger and switch to wordpress.
the new place needs a housewarming gift :D

Thursday, March 20, 2008

q 3

had the pornography industry not been founded, do u think ppl wud have been less obscene than they r nowadays??


if jordanians r considered the grumpiest of all arabs, the brits must be their counterpart in the west!

i've worked with them and i vowed never to ever again! 2 years of being the only arab in an office of 32 brits and 2 south africans (those r amazing tho).. i think the brits enjoy being sarcastic and miserable.. & i think its only coz they HAVE to focus on some1 else's life and faults but their own coz they cant handle it... and their chronic politeness is the most annoying bit of it all!!! i hate dealing with fake ppl, and being THAT courteous is so not genuine. its almost revolting. id rather deal with blunt, in-ur-face ppl, ones who speak their mind all the time rather than ones who try so hard not to 'hurt' others with saying what they think, as if ppl r made out of glass..

why did they have to get us a new (and brittish) head of department!!! i was happy walla :(

plastika fantastika

لا يصلح العطار ما افسده الزمن

oh but a plastic surgeon can!

how open r u to the idea of plastic surgery?

personally i am all for it! but then im a woman! lol, no seriously i accept it completley only if its reconstructive.. a face lift when u age, a tummy tuck when u lost a lot of weight, a broken nose being fixed, thats all fine by me.. in fact i think it helps lift the spirits more than anything anyone can say to un-depress a person.. but changing one's looks just for the mere thought that they wud look better than the way God Almighty created them is a definite no!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hime & Co, here i come!!

ok, the japanese, for a long time, have been the wackiest ppl in my book! they come up with the most rediculous inventions.. they r crazy with their pop culture, their dress sense is the least bit 'normal' and now they come up with this 'benefit' to working at Hime & Co!!! the heartbreak leave! yup, u heard me right.. if one of their employees is dealing with a bad break up or a divorce, they get a paid leave to just cope and get over it and come back with a more positive attitude, which i think is ok...
but get this, same company gives 'shopping leaves!!! so if there's a sale and women wanna catch it bi rawa2 in the day time and NOT after work where places will be packed, SO they take PAIIIIIIIIIIIIIDDDDDDDDDDD leave to just go shop!!!!
im moving to japan!

random thoughts

have been away, since blogger is blocked at work, and i have a life after work, hence, i dont get online much.. so behold! a dose of my randomness!

  • philipinos r the best in service industries by faaaarrrr! i am believing that more and more every day! they do have a bad habbit of singing all the time, in the worst places and times ever! but still, most of em have crappy jobs, and get paid in minumum wage, live from paycheck to paycheck, and yet they keep smiling.. and provide the best service.. singing gets them by i guess..

  • i've always had a fear of boundaries, not clusterphobic per se, just cant stand being surrounded by borders.. like while driving, if i come to a point where there r those orange cones and the street goes a little tighter, i freak out! and hyperventilate until im done with that part of the road!i donno how wack is that, but i feel wierd!

  • i hate hiccups!!!! oh and i hate sneezing too.. especially nowadays, hay fever is peaking! i just cant stop sneezing :wa3: and just like hal, i fear it!

  • im so in love with the color purple! all freaking shades of it! :mushy:


Monday, March 3, 2008

Quote of the day

Hard work never killed anybody, but why take a chance?
- Edgar Bergen

how chinese multiply

i came across this video and was amazed! who comes up with these stuff?!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Q 2

unisex q again..

how comfortable r u having an insanely more attractive partner?

Friday, February 29, 2008


im the type of person who has no trouble getting up in the morning, i actually wake up before the alarm goes off.. that is if i had a good nite sleep!

these alarms however, r so cute! they FORCE u to wake up lol creators of such merchandise have all the time on their hands to come up with such ideas :D

1. this one keeps ringing until u put the 'puzzle' together.. of course, when ur half asleep it will take a while, in which, u wud have completely woken up!

2. if u were able to stay awake after putting the puzzle clock together. this will give u a challenge! it actually flees and moves around in the room until u find it to stop the alarm :D morning excercise! lol

3. if that dint work, this will deffinitely wake up once and for all! all u need to do is just push the button.. BUT every time its a different button!! lol ray2een :D


blogger is blocked at work now.. urghhhh!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

how hetero is metro?!

Metrosexual is a neologism generally applied to heterosexual men with a strong concern for their appearance, and who display many of the lifestyle tendencies of stereotypically homosexual men. - Definition courtesy of Wiki


cool gadgets!

ok ok its not quite the problem solving gadget of the year but its so cool! especially when its really cold u cant hold anything up with ur gloves, and u just wanna have a nicely rounded snowball for a memorable fight!! i loved it!

2. coffee addicts on the go will love this coffee mug

which'll keep ur coffee warm as u catch up on ur to do list and schedules and alerts!

3. bidi minno! its a wonderful idea to keep ur towels always fresh, dry and warm, just like a hotel's fluffy warm towel!

4. Gravity never goes out of stock.. a tech student in Virginia figured out a way to have an eco friendly, electricity economic
gravity lamp that lasts up to 200 years with a usage of 8 hours a day!!

5. finally! something i wud buy for a colleague of mine who tortures his keyboard by stomping and crushing all its keys!! not only is it silent it also connects to two PCs at the same time!

predictions.. 20 years from now..

1. lebanon will have postponed elections for the 340th time, and still counting!
2. dubai will have the biggest, largest and TALLEST dome on earth to cover the city and keep its weather controlled and clean
3. dubai's population will be 80% indians
4. we wont worry bout obesity anymore , it will be mandatory to excercise in the office for an hour or two
5. america's recession will get the best (if any) of it until there is nomore..
6. more children will be homeschooled
7. i believe (another word for hope) we will be able to teleport freely!
8. sabbou7a will still be around, and still singing!

feel free to add ur predictions too!

Monday, February 25, 2008


An image made of light
I see clouds not so white
a mixture of yellow, blue and grey
some rays battle and go astray
i sit with my hands holding my head
i cant bear the sounds of silence, oh so dead..
an aching heart, a dormant mind
an endless fight that's not so kind
both bearing daggers and knives
a fight ending in death of beleifs and lives
they lie there looking so waif and dead
and even in Death, they again were wed...


Sunday, February 24, 2008

mumbo not so jumbo

im tired, sore, exhausted, & sleep deprived..

i have 1) a splitting headache, 2) an enormous urge to kill my boss, 3) an itch in my throat and signs of the flu :eek: (that wud be the gazillionth in 6 months!)

i dowanna cook anymore, or do the laundry, or think of work, or even have to work! i just wanna live in peace.. do nothing, just lay there, no movement, or sound, or light.. everything is made and everything in place. i just wanna become a parasite! try to be a mooch for a change.. been holding responsibilities since i was 21.. 6 long years.. all alone. im tired, sore, exhausted, & sleep deprived..

Thursday, February 21, 2008


this is what we're doing tomorrow..

and this is what we woke up to today!!!
lets hope the weather clears out tomorrow.. im so looking forward!
enjoy the weekend BeeBol!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

the source of all evil!


traffic wud be resolved with a little less selfishness, ppl driving into the start of a lane and push them cars in cutting in on everybody like they r too refined to wait like everyne else.. others cant bear the thought of giving way to another car, both get selfish and hot tempered, poof! fender bender, and a whole street gets locked coz of traffic! who cares bout other ppl waiting to get to their destinations..

poverty wud be somewhat less if retailers werent greedy and selfish, and if the wealthy actually gave some of their money to charities and/or funds to help the less fortunate cope with the rising cost of living..

mother nature wud be more grateful if selfish contractors wudnt ruin its beauty for construction of office towers and industrial cities and so on so forth..

a lot of ppl wud be healthier if selfish ppl thought of others for a change! second-hand smoking? hello! u wanna poison ur body, do it alone! what bout selfish ppl who care not to get tested and/or dont bother to be safe and end up passing STDs and HIV here and there?

hurt and pain wud be somewhat eliminated.. thus minimizing the psychological disorders our society suffers from! if a selfish mum/dad took care of her/his kids and household more, kids wud be raised better with a healthier personality.. not to mention a selfish partner ruins the idea of love to their partner shud they decide they want out of this relationship.. a lot of examples here, im just naming a few..

if there's anything i hate more than liars, its selfish and greedy souls. no scratch that, they prolly dont have souls!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


feng shui!

well not quite lol but i love the concept of feng shui. and i just have to add a little chart for all of u to feng shui ur houses and office spaces!

il muhem, what item of furniture do u feel resembles u the most? lemme paraphrase, whats the item of furniture that most describes ur personality in ur room/house? and elaborate on the 'why' :D

Monday, February 18, 2008

first 6agga on new blog

the very sweet Batoul tagged me, rules r simple, what r the 6 things i think a person shud do by the age of 18. here goes nothing! lol

1. i believe spirituality shud be established by this point, religious beliefs, principles, and values shud be outlined by this age..

2. experiment a lot with ur looks, as in, get a lot of peircings, dye ur hair, change ur style as often as u can, until u find ur identity!

3. be as crazy as u can be, the wilder the better, it will not suit u at all to try to be wild after 21! max age 25.. act ur age, and enjoy youth and its glory!

4. become a gym fanatic! coz later on in life when u end up a workaholic, u wont be having time for the gym and u need to have a bit of muscle foundation.. so u wont feel very horrible bout urself and continue working like there's no tomorrow!

5. stay clear of all addictives (booze, smoke, pot, solvents lol)! u wanna ruin ur body be my guest! but do it later on in life will u?

6. find a passion and vow to make it ur profession.. there is nothing better than a lifetime of work u enjoy, chose a uni major as per ur passion!

i shud tag 6 others, so Mayous, Dima, Wonders, Pru, Hala and Andrei, at7efouna eBleez :D


best sedan makeovers of 2008 IMHO
1) Honda accord is my fave for this year, loved the 2007 shape but this year's body is the best accord has ever looked!

and especially the coupé! amazing i reckon!

2) never thought i'd ever say this bout toyota corolla, but it's actually looking good!

3) mitshubishi lancer, no longer a crappy design!

bad omen??

so i had this HUGE accident on eid (december) and i almost sha6abt il siyara ma3 il 3elem i am a crazy but excellent driver and never in my 7 years of mad driving have i as much as scratched the car badly. il7amdila x 1000. i had 2 fender benders but not even worth mentioning.. il muhem, i got the car back on thursday, and today morning as i am on my way to work, a guy stopped me on the way to the highway telling me that my rear tire is flat!

IS THIS A BAD OMEN?? the car's milage is not even 5000kms.. is selling the car an option if u were me??! i only bought the car in oct :(

Sunday, February 17, 2008


no not Qwaider :P

but a question, for both genders, how far wud u go supporting ur man financially when ur both still starting up ur life?

and how much wud u accept ur wife to help out with?


cant imagine Eminem as the Jumper!

i absolutely loved the movie this weekend, will not write a review since Q already did, wudnt wanna flood the blogosphere with redundant subjects.. BUT i will say that i SO totally wanna teleport! when will they ACTUALLY use science for something good and create a way to teleport???? it wud make so many distant relationships easier to bear and more likely to work out! and it will eliminate homesickness which distracts and depresses a lot of students and husbands or wives or children away for work from their loved ones! not to mention it wud solve the horrid TRAFFIC problem everyone seems to face somewhere in the world!!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

colors of love

there is nothing more beautiful than love.. with all its shapes and sizes!

Valentine mood on i guess.. not very mushy tho, just grateful for all small beautiful things in life.. altho i find this day a bit overrated coz all days shud be filled with love and appreciation to ur loved ones, but its a reminder to let ppl around u how much they mean to u.. noone shud be lonely on valentine's, gather ur friends and enjoy ur time..

happy day/weekend to everyone and their loved ones! enjoy the day and make the most of it :D

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

lets go to the malllllll!

ahhh! classic lol! was watchin 'how i met ur mother' reruns and the episode was about Robin's big secret and when this came up i laffed my heart out! had to youtube it! damn them 80s! big hair and bejeweled denim jackets and stockings and urghhhhhhh the MUSIC SUX! lol

enjoy the laff!

Two, Four, Six, Eight! How Do You Know Your Kids Are Straight?

i always hear ppl questioning whether or not gayness is acquired or is it embedded in ppl. its deffenitely not a gene. and i dont believe one is born with the tendency, we r straight by nature ppl!

Monday, February 11, 2008

الضمير المستتر

Conscience is an ability or sense that distinguishes whether our actions r right or wrong. It is also the attitude which informs our moral judgment before performing any action.

Freud regarded conscience as originating in the superego, which takes its cue from our parents during childhood. According to Freud, the consequence of not obeying our conscience is "guilt" which can be a factor in the development of neurosis. Your conscience is a societal construction which keeps you operating under the social ideology through the negative-feedback system of guilt.... and im sure freud dint mean 'it takes its cue from our parents during childhood' as a default state.. since immoral ppl can raise very ethical children and vice versa..

conscience and guilt r almost always inseperable; when spoken of one u mention the other involuntarely.. and even tho both are intangible, somehow unmeasurable feelings/sensations, yet conscience is the most difficult to maintain, and guilt is the most haunting..

The human animal has a set of instincts and drives which enable him to form/interact in societies.. groups of humans without these drives, or in whom they r insufficiently strong, cannot form cohesive societies and do not reproduce their kind as successfully as those that do. They either cannot survive in nature, or r defeated in conflict with other, more cohesive groups.

i like to think the conflict is rather within!

Sunday, February 10, 2008


how healthy is it to just accept our limitations and not challenge ourselves? is it true that we have limitations? or do u, too, believe that we can achieve anything with patience, hard work and perseverance?

Thursday, February 7, 2008

best thing bout winter:

no BO!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

the not so 'in' feeling..

warning: long psychobabble post ahead!


that demon within.. crawling under our skins.. the hungry beast longing for the last bit of confidence and self esteem we have left..

the term in psychology is defined as a feeling of general unease or nervousness that may be triggered by perceiving oneself to be unloved, inadequate or worthless.. an insecure person lacks confidence in their own value and capability, trust in themselves AND others, or has fears that a present positive state is temporary and will let them down and cause them loss or distress by "going wrong" in future..

insecurity has many effects in a person's life, and it has several levels, starting off with shyness, social withdrawal, even paranoia, sometimes it takes a more agressive form like arrogance, and bullying.. but it nearly always ends up with some degree of isolation..

ppl are not born insecure, it is a learned behaviour.

it often stems from childhood.. and then grows in layer fashion.. and then robs us slowly but surely of self esteem and any social life we might have.. and ruins most relationships.. mostly our relationship with ourselves.. thankfully, insecurity can be overcome, but it takes a lot of strength, willingness to develop, and belief in oneself and others to overcome it..

insecurity is the worse thing to ever hit us. believe me i know. its self destructive and devours our best qualities and best years... we shud learn how to be secure and safe in our own skin. learn to love ourselves. learn to believe that God created us in the best way possible and that He loves us enuf to have created us human and whole..

end of transmission..

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

life grammar 101..

Past Progressive - Use:

1) actions were in progress at special time in the past
example from life: They were playing the field actively in their youth..

2) two actions were happening at the same time (the actions do not influence each other)
example from life: He was having his coffee, while she was lost in thoughts of his dark past..

3) repeated actions irritating the speaker (with always, constantly, forever)
example from life: She was always being reminded of her experience(s)..

and keep in mind that Simple Past tense just doesnt exist in life grammar!

end of lesson 1..

we all think we wanna know, we really dont. coz it will haunt us from time to time.. just let bygones be bygones..

Monday, February 4, 2008

the big M

its all bout marriage these past few days.. on the radio, blogs, and even my friends were talking bout it over the weekend... but sadly, the comments and convos were negative..

"why bother getting married? im satisfied with how my life is!" or "why get married when 80% of marriages are ending with divorce?" or "why get married and waste all my life savings (this from a guy's prespective)?" or the worst debate ever "why do i wanna limit myself to one person for the rest of my life!?"

Now seriously, why does ANYONE wanna be alone?

i cant wait to start forever with my better half and i cant understand how some people really think they're better off alone.. its not that they dread marriage, they're just convinced that they dont need it.. maybe some sort of defence mechanism i donno, but they have become 100% totally convinced that they r in no need to be in a marriage.. and thats so sad..

marriage doesnt have to end with divorce, even if u r hearing/witnessing cases that do end in say 3 4 years and in an ugly divorce, that doesnt mean u will have the same storyline! marriage needs work, just as any relationship.. and call me a fool, but i believe when love exists, all problems r solve-able.. marriages dont have to be ultra expensive either! personally, im one of those ppl who dont believe in weddings.. i like simple receptions, just a small sweet event to celebrate the unity of love and thats it, end of story! all the excess money that goes into making a 'magical' wedding for everyone to talk bout (good or bad ppl will talk and critisize) can go into making a fantastic honeymoon for us!

in retrospect.. when i was 16 (first year uni) i was sure i wanned to stay single forever! i dint find the need to love or be loved so important, i had no trust in mankind and in the existance of good men and i cudnt imagine myself in a marriage and/or having kids etc etc.. but when u fall in real love, u find out that thats exactly what u wanna do..

the eternal question!




Thursday, January 31, 2008


TGIF has a whole new meaning to me right now! thank God its february! after one hell of a january.. well the first part of jan was gr8, i was on holidays :D

but the second part of it was not so nice.. appraisals tension (went fine tho), work load (getting loadier and loadier!) and personal/domestic issues..

so welcome the shortest month in the year! even tho its gonna be a day longer :smily bished sha3ro: damn u leap years!

have a gr8 weekend everyone :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


why wont this week end already!


"Can you tell me the speed limit on Airport Road going toward Al Rashidiya?"

"I have been waiting for a taxi for so long, but all of them are refusing to stop ... what do I do? "

"I have a traffic fine ... can you tell me when it was issued?"

These are but a few examples of trivial and inane calls made to 999 every day!!! A staggering 573,471 calls were made to 999 in 2007 and these were not emergencies. Most were enquiries on speed limits on roads, location of certain departments, traffic fines, transactions related to the Naturalisation and Residency Department, trading issues and complaints against taxi drivers.

the rest of this article published yesterday in Gulf News here.

Where has common sense evaporated from the minds of these silly people??!!

i dont agree with #2..

Howeh ya 6o55o?

ya ekser mu55o???