Tuesday, January 22, 2008

on work and passion for what u do

or lack thereof!

isnt it the most demotivating feeling when u have to drag urself out of bed to head to an office where u dont feel ur doing anything u like with anyone u like?? is passion for work or working in a line of business ur crazy about just an illusion?! no im sure artists and musicians and actors are living that dream! but what bout the rest of us?

i remember my first job, i loved it! i used to run and skip to the office lol i had 2 terrible colleagues, was working for a sorry excuse of a bank, working with difficult clients AND getting peanuts for pay, but i just loved it! it was fun, busy, fulfilling, and client oriented... i feel i lost that feeling. ever since i left that place (3 years ago) both jobs i took after that were purely for the financial gain.. i feel nothing towards what i do for a living.. if anything, i feel machine-like.. what bothers me most, and saddens me too, is that i truly donno what is it i wanna do.. i have 2 degrees yet they dont come handy! i cant work by my psychology degree in this country unless i have a masters degree from the states/europe, and then have 2 years of experience.. and im currently working by my Commerce degree, but im finding equities a bit too dull for me.. i wish i studied medicine.. and became a surgeon like my childhood dream was.. i need ppl! i need interaction! i need to feel like i am helping someone out! ORRRR go purely by my passion and work in a more artistic line of business.. still that doesnt pay well! arghhh! why does it have to be one way or the other? fulfillment or financial stability? why cant we have it all!!!!



Marvin the Martian said...

I know I am VERY fortunate that I enjoy what I do. I've always been puzzled at your vibrancy and stand-out-ed-ness, working in such a dull business. It seems like a mismatch to me, just as it does to you.

What to do? I don't know. Blogging is an outlet for you, and we enjoy reading it. But I know you need more. I worked at a bank, and took many classes in banking and such, and it finally taught me that I hated banking. So I switched entirely, to technical writing, which I've always enjoyed. You are young yet. Why wait? Perhaps you can freelance as a therapist or something. Or start off in social work and move up. It's never too late to change. With the radical instability in the world economy right now, I may be forced to make a similar change if I lose my job. To what, I don't know. Boat mechanic, perhaps. ;-)

Adoosh said...

Welcome to the club Dima :)

Qwaider قويدر said...

And I bet you .. you were eager to graduate .. just like I was...
It sucks sometimes. It doesn't matter where you're working and what you're doing. This Passion, and living the dream are all just capitalist dreams designed to make us work and complain less!


PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

marv: i love banking, butthe retail side of it, but thats not very rewarding.. corporate banking and equities however are very well paying yet very dull and with minimal client interaction..

i cant freelance as a therapist unfortunately, i have to be licensed to do that or as i mentioned, having a masters degree to be able to practice.. however, i am a freelance painter/ sculpturer.. so that makes life a little more enjoyable, yet my work takes the majority of my time so little time to do that..

i aint complaining really, its just finding a job thats well rounded and balanced in the sense that it pays well to do what u love is kinda very rare these days, and in this country especially..

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

andrei: at least the club is friendly! :D

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

Q: u think? im sure there shud be some sort of satisfaction besides the monetary one ppl get out of any job.. thats whats missing!

and yes i was very eager to get out into the real world and live the damdoumian dream! blech! lol

Marvin the Martian said...

Well, I'm rooting for you. I have a friend who's a painter, and my sister is a sculptor (bronze) and networking is the way to get your stuff sold, but it's slow and painstaking, and it's not like you can just meet people in the supermarket for that kind of thing. ;-)

I know you will find something that works for you, even if it's just changing your current job's parameters so that you see more people. Wouldn't THAT be nice!

Opal said...

Well said.