Wednesday, January 23, 2008

playing constantly in my head...

علمي انتهينا و انسينا اللي كان
افترقوا ايدينا بالهوى
ليالي هوانا غمرها النسيان
هوانا لا صوت و لا صدى
شو جاي تخبرني بعد اللي صار
شو جاي تخبرني لما انتهى المشوار
شو بدي احكيلك عني بتحكيلك
على قلبي اللي صار على اخر روح
روح حبيبي حبيبي روح
شو بدك في انساني تركني بحالي
يا حبيبي روح بيكفي جروح
انا كنت نسيتك شو اللي جابك على بالي
حاجه ترجعني للماضي اللي راح

fadl shakir has always been one of my favorite singers, some might argue that his style is almost always the same, but i think he knows what suits that heavenly voice of his and works on it.. i cant wait for the album to come out!


Oriental Arabesque said...

the other day this song was playing on the was my 1st time to listen to it and i was almost in hit a sensetive nerve i guess...wa3!

and i agree with u...i love fadooleh although as u said he have the same style (i like him to surprise me sometimes) but i still ba7ibo ya baba and his songs are so so touching :)

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

mayous: exactly! he touches ppl's (lovers' rather) hearts in almost every song.. his voice is so 7anoon and addictive :mushy: